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Medical: Fewer examinations by AI

Medical: Fewer examinations by AI


Artificial intelligence (AI) is also transforming medicine and is already being used in some fields. At Melk State Hospital, for example, it is used in radiology to detect diseases. This provides a series of investigations.

AI has been used in computer tomography at Melk State Hospital for about a year. Meanwhile, it has also proven itself in everyday life, Primar Andi Binaj told In this way, AI supports the medical team during routine check-ups.

“Artificial intelligence in radiology can be thought of as software that enables the use of obtained CT and MRI data, to enable noninvasive representations and measurements of organs and diseases,” says Benag. Thus, operations in radiology are more efficient and less complex than before.

The use of artificial intelligence brings benefits to patients. There will be fewer examinations, the quality of results will be better and the waiting time for results will be reduced thanks to the preparatory work done by artificial intelligence. According to Binaj, all operations in the field of radiology – from image generation to diagnosis – are now supported by artificial intelligence. “After the scan, the 3D images are reconstructed by artificial intelligence, according to the axis, and presented to the radiologist for further diagnosis.”

People make the final decision.

The radiologist shows an example: one image shows a patient’s skull, and another image shows the AI-enhanced image. The vessels of the brain are shown in great detail on it. Although AI is a great support in everyday life, it still needs a human to experience and evaluate the results, according to the radiologist.

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Benag stressed that the final decision is still made by humans. The job of the AI ​​is to present the results to the radiologist. The doctor can then retrieve the most important information for a diagnosis. However, the decision on how to treat rests with the radiologist. In the future, AI programs will be available in all regional clinics in Lower Austria, making costly reconstructions a thing of the past.