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The Galveston Diet helps you lose weight during menopause

The Galveston Diet helps you lose weight during menopause

During menopause, many women experience a slowdown in metabolism – unfortunately, sudden weight gain is not uncommon. It is also becoming increasingly difficult to lose excess weight. So what do we do? American gynecologist Dr. Mary Haver He developed a diet that makes losing weight easier during menopause and promotes the health of mature women: the Galveston Diet.

The Galveston Diet can help you lose weight during menopause

Yes, it really does exist – a diet designed specifically for women going through menopause. The Galveston Diet specifically deals with the changes that occur in the female body during menopause and its corresponding nutritional requirements. so i found dr. Marie Claire Haver, for example, That during menopause, the main cause is inflammation in the body that can hinder weight loss. Her solution: A diet focused on anti-inflammatory foods and less processed foods. In order to increase fat burning, this is also supplemented with intermittent fasting.

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