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Kate Middleton: Mama Carol reveals how she makes her grandchildren laugh

Kate Middleton: Mama Carol reveals how she makes her grandchildren laugh

Christmas is approaching, and therefore also traditionally the time for family visits. The Duchess’ mother Kate has special plans for this.

During the advent season, many people enjoy festively decorating their homes, baking cookies, and creating Christmas ambiance. It’s no different with the royal family, like a post from Carol Middleton (66) mother Duchess Kate (39, born Kate Middleton), explains it on Instagram.

You can see Carole Middleton in the video above with her signature smile: Here she looks just like her daughter Kate!

Christmas with the royal family: a surprise for the children of the Duchess Kate

There, she also reveals her desire to give her grandchildren a special treat during the festive season. And if you were waiting for the announcement of classics like the Christmas tree and colorful fairy lights, you were wrong.

Princess Charlotte: From Williams Mini Me to Kate’s Sweet Likeness: Her Transformation Is So Magical.
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Carol Middleton, Kate Middleton’s mother, has a special Christmas decoration

The 66-year-old has posted pictures of funny little guys on her ‘Party Pieces’ Instagram channel who look like little dwarves with long beards and extra-large hats that slip over their eyes. Carol Middleton herself will use some cute Christmas elves to decorate her home. According to “”, they come from Scandinavia, namely Sweden, they are called Tomte and bring happiness to the house.

Carol Middleton: This is how she makes her grandchildren Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis laugh

Carole Middletons The plan is to hide them around the house and have their grandchildren laugh with them. With this idea, she is sure to have a happy visit from her grandchildren. And even if the characters in England aren’t necessarily classic, Carole Middleton is sure of their cheerful effect: “We can’t be too serious about Christmas,” she writes.

Users seem to love their decorating idea, with one even writing, “I’m honestly obsessed with them and making them myself. Our house is full of them for Christmas.”

Prince William: A busy Christmas schedule

To visit her grandmother and grandfather Michael Middleton (72) Looking forward to Christmas Prince George (8), Princess Charlotte (6) and Prinz Lewis (3) Certainly a lot. for children Prince William (39) and his wife, the holidays can be a little stressful because it’s going to be Christmas Celebrate three times: Once in the younger group, then with many family members including their grandmother Queen Elizabeth II. (95) Finally with the parents of the Duchess Kate at Buckleybury. There, according to “”, the Cambridge children are also united with their cousins, the nephews of the Duchess Kate. Peppa Matthews (38, née Middleton); Arthur (3) and Grace, who only saw the light of day in March.

Family outing with Baby Grace & Arthur: You're jolly happy!

Peppa and James Matthews: Family Outing with Baby Grace and Arthur: They are shining with happiness!
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