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Megan Fox goes without makeup

Megan Fox goes without makeup

Actress Megan Fox is barely recognizable in a no-makeup selfie, sparking nasty comments on social media.

Megan Fox She elicited mixed reactions when she attempted this She flaunts her natural beauty in a no-makeup selfie on Instagram.

The “Transformers” star went makeup-free in a recent photo as he prepared for his blue-colored hair and extensions treatment after Coachella. Fox appears to be wearing only lip gloss. It looks like she forgot her foundation while standing in front of the bathroom mirror.

Megan Fox: Fans feel cheated by taking selfies without makeup

The natural look mainly causes critical comments in the comments section. Many users are of the opinion that the makeup-free photo of the actress does not look natural at all – rather, it has been heavily edited.

“This doesn't look like Megan Fox at all,” one user wrote, adding speculatively: “AI doing its job again.” Others believe the mother-of-three used an app called “Facetune”, which makes her face look more childish and younger.

Many fans refuse to believe that the woman in the photo is Megan Fox.

“This is not Megan Fox,” one user confirmed. “I thought this was Kim Kardashian,” says one.

Only a few celebrate the photo. “You look beautiful even without makeup,” says a calm voice, even if most of Fox's followers feel cheated.

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