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Meghan and Harry need money?  Prince Charles is still 'low profile'

Meghan and Harry need money? Prince Charles is still ‘low profile’

It was recently announced that the streaming giant Netflix has launched a file Duchess Meghan The planned animated series will not be released after all. The news came as a surprise to many, as it had been waiting for years to see what products Sussexes would release with the streaming service through a multi-million dollar deal.

The insider is currently motivating new ideas Speculation has indicated that the royal family may have met the last time due to financial problems and regret about stepping down as senior members of the royal family. queen he met. Also meeting for 15 minutes with Prince Charles The focus of critical attention from celebrity gossip referring to it.

Is Prince Harry and Megan running out of money?

“If they had known this Netflix change was coming, they would have panicked before traveling to England,” a palace source said. new ideas And it seems certain that Harry and Meghan were already aware of the Netflix “l .” announcementbefore the rest of the world finds out.”

Netflix’s exit for Meghan’s now series could leave a hole in the royals’ wallets, rumored: “Her Netflix content deal is the bulk of her income and the main reason it’s a $20 million villa in Montecito — not to mention the staggering property taxes that come with it.” A cash right from the British royal family would of course be very convenient so that you could continue to afford the luxury life in America.