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Meghan's embarrassing royal incident happened on her first birthday

Meghan's embarrassing royal incident happened on her first birthday

Christmas celebration Prince Harry And Duchess Meghan This year she will likely return to her home in California with her two children Archie And Lilibet. In the Netflix documentary “Harry and Meghan,” the Duchess of Sussex revealed what her first Christmas with the British royal family was like at Sandringham Castle. The former actress also admitted that she made a mistake in relation to the now deceased Prince Philip It happened.

Meghan's conversation with Philip didn't go as planned

The royal family broke with tradition in 2017 when Meghan Markle, Harry's then-fiancée, married at the request of… Queen Elizabeth II She was invited to Sandringham Castle for Christmas, even though she was not yet married to Harry and therefore not an official member of the royal family.

There's no doubt that the current Duchess of Sussex was keen to make a good impression on her future in-laws and the rest of the royal family, but it appears she made a mistake when it came to a royal relative – even though she herself thought their meeting with Harry's family went well.

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In the Netflix documentary, Meghan told how she snuck away during the celebrations to be with her mother Doria Ragland To call in the USA. She told him how wonderful the royal celebrations were and also took the opportunity to admit that she had had a mishap while talking to her future husband's grandfather, the late Duke of Edinburgh.

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“I remember my first Christmas at Sandringham very clearly. I called my mum and asked: 'How are you?'

Prince Harry's wife added: “Everything was moving, so much energy and fun.”

She then revealed that the conversation with Prince Philip went very badly.

“I thought it was so cool,” Megan said. “I thought, 'We were talking and it was so cool.' And I was talking about this and that.” But then Harry pointed out to her that his grandfather probably didn't understand a word.

“he [Prinz Harry] “I caught his bad ear,” he said. “He couldn't hear anything I said,” Megan recalled, jokingly saying to herself, “Oh… well, I thought it went really well.”