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Meloni and immigration policy: “I was hoping for more”

Meloni and immigration policy: “I was hoping for more”

Meloni is disappointed with her government’s record on combating illegal immigration. “I was hoping for more regarding immigration policy,” she said in an interview with Rai 1 on Saturday evening. “We worked a lot, but the results were not what we hoped for.”

Meloni stressed, “Immigration is a very complex issue, but I am sure we will control it.” The right-wing populist said that Italy was now “more credible and stable” from a political point of view, and was heard more on the international scene.

“It’s a lot to do”

“Italy was at the bottom of Europe, but today it is growing more than any other European country,” Meloni said. She was convinced that she would remain in office for a full legislative term of five years. During this period, it wants to implement the major reforms that Italy needs, including tax and judicial reform. The head of the right-wing “Brothers of Italy” party stressed that “there is still a lot to do, but we will fulfill our obligations.”

Meloni’s right-wing coalition won the parliamentary elections a year ago with 44% of the vote, which was enough to obtain a comfortable majority in Parliament. Her party received 26% of the votes, three times more than the allies of Matteo Salvini and the Forza Italia party led by Silvio Berlusconi. This allowed Meloni to become the first female prime minister in Italian history in October at the head of a right-wing majority.


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