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Men in Focus: Step away from the razor: No shaving for November

Men in Focus: Step away from the razor: No shaving for November

“No Shave November” or “Movember” is a campaign in which men do not shave their beards for a month. The goal is primarily to draw attention to health problems that primarily affect men, such as prostate cancer.

Tyrol. The viral campaign has been around for several years “No November shave” Online. The campaign was originally called “Movember”, a combination of the English word mustache and the month of November. Participants also collect donations throughout the month. This is done via our own platform Movember.

Beard for good reason

Anyone who wants to officially participate in Movember can register on the platform and Starts clean shave on November 1st. Then you won’t have to shave for a month and perhaps rally friends and acquaintances to donate money during this time. Teams or even companies can also participate and compete for the highest donation amount.

But why exactly with beard growth do people draw attention to men’s health? A beard may be viewed as unsightly, especially during the growth phase. Participants will therefore be asked about this and can use this moment to draw attention to the fundraising campaign.

Founded at the bottom

The idea for Movember originally came about Australia. Because facial hair in Australia is not particularly popular, at least in the year it was founded in 2003. The official campaign began in 2004 and has spread around the world since then.
From Australia, the campaign first found its way to New Zealand in 2006, followed by Great Britain, the United States, Canada and Spain a year later and joined the Movember movement in 2007. Ireland joined in 2008.

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Some men will grow mustaches again in November.  |  Image: Pixabay/Alan Hardman (avatar)

Work has now developed in this direction mustache. So don’t be surprised if you see more Freddie Mercury commemorative mustaches — or at least little hints of them — in November.
According to the Movember Foundation, 99 percent of men talked to someone about their health after participating. 70% asked others to join them and do something for their health.

Are there any rules?

Are there any rules in Movember?
In principle, you must first register with the Movember movement. It is better to participate as a team, because you can encourage each other more.
You can even have your own “Mo’s Profile” Create a platform where you can encourage everyone to donate.

However, before you let your beard grow, it’s time to reach for the razor. You need to start Movember with a clean shave. According to Movember regulations, beards or goatees are invalid, and only mustaches are allowed in November without shaving.

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