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Will tennis legend Boris Becker make his way through the jungle soon?

Will tennis legend Boris Becker make his way through the jungle soon?

56-year-old former tennis player Boris Becker is expected to star in Netflix's Bear Hunt show. This was reported by The Sun newspaper. On the show, several celebrities have to compete in wild competitions and are hunted by British survival expert Bear Grylls – if he catches them, they will be eliminated from the show. Model and TV presenter Holly Willoughby, particularly well-known in Great Britain, will moderate the event.

“He is an exciting addition to the Bear Hunt, not least because of the amount of attention he has received in recent years,” says a source from The Sun. “This means Boris is back in the spotlight after a period of isolation following his imprisonment in the UK and subsequent deportation.” The series' producers hope that Baker's fighting spirit, which he showed on the tennis court, will continue and prove its worth. TV be gold. The appearance is also likely to be lucrative for Becker: according to Bild, he can collect around €585,000 for it.

Boris Becker was sentenced to two years and six months in prison in London in 2022 for money laundering, fraud and evasion. The former exceptional athlete did not disclose assets worth more than one million euros in his insolvency proceedings. So the jury found Baker guilty on several counts, but Baker denied the allegations.

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