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Merins Consulting Room: Fasting for Beginners

Merins Consulting Room: Fasting for Beginners

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Mirren Consulting Chamber

Merins Consulting Room: Fasting for Beginners

As the Carnival season ends on Ash Wednesday, Christian fasting begins for many people in Austria. In addition to the religious meaning of fasting, many people also see a number of health benefits in the ancient tradition. Many experts also emphasize the positive effects of fasting: fasting is said to rejuvenate cells, improve digestion, promote weight loss, and provide overall health. Therapeutic fasting, juice cleanse, or interval fasting – the range of options is almost endless, which shows that fasting is still popular in 2024. But is fasting as healthy as its reputation suggests? How to fast correctly and what fasting regime is suitable for whom? In this edition of the Mehren Consulting Room, Siegfried Mehren discusses these and other questions with Dr. Ulrike Göschel, spa doctor and fasting expert, Maja Margit Fensel, holistic nutritionist and academic kinesiologist, and Professor Sascha Martens, molecular biologist. ,University of Vienna.

Image source: ORF/ORF III

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