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Merkel and Macron demand clarification on espionage

Chancellor Angela Merkel And Of France Have President Emmanuel Macron From Copenhagen The whole of education calls for a statement Danish Participation in deafness European The US Secret Service (NSA)

“I would like to say that this is unacceptable among allies. It is very clear,” Macron stressed on Monday. One expects “complete transparency and clarity of facts from our Danish and American partners.”

Merkel: “What was right then applies today.”

Merkel said Macron’s words were “only acceptable.” Nothing has changed in the federal government’s approach to NSA events. “What was right then applies today.” The Chancellor openly mentions his statement when the NSA affair came to light a few years ago. At the time he said: “Spying on friends – it’s not possible.”

The chancellor insisted that the Danish government had now “made it very clear” what he thought of these things. “In this case, I see a good basis for not only clarifying the facts, but also for establishing trusting relationships.”