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Messenger Telephony: Apps are good for conversations

Messenger Telephony: Apps are good for conversations

Many conversations are conducted via messenger these days, including phone calls and video calls. The number of corresponding conversational tools has increased dramatically in recent years. In this article, we want to give you an overview of eight messengers and their features for voice and video telephony. Among other things, we cover the maximum number of participants, encryption functions and convenience. In addition to the widely used WhatsApp and popular alternatives Signal and Viber, Skype and Line are also among the apps examined.

Messenger on the phone test bench

Gone are the days when messengers were only used for written conversations. Whether in addition to classic chats or as an alternative to them, chat applications are increasingly being used to make calls. Almost all apps offer a choice between purely audio phone calls and those with video. Due to the large number of participants, the programs are also suitable for private group talks or professional conferences. We’ve tested eight messengers when it comes to phone calls and tell you what they offer.

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