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Important tips and information about Black Friday 2023 – 5 minutes

Important tips and information about Black Friday 2023 – 5 minutes

In 5 minutes, I’ve summarized all the important information, tips, trends and Christmas ideas.

Why is it called “Black Friday”?

Black Friday comes from the United States of America, and is the Friday after Thanksgiving, which always falls on the fourth Thursday of November. This year it is November 24th. The weekend after Thanksgiving is the start of Christmas shopping in the United States. Online retail follows suit with Cyber ​​Monday. The opponent’s battle increasingly extended to Europe, and thus to Austria.

Black Friday is very important in Austria

Since Black Friday has become popular in Austria, most discount campaigns tend to take place online. Even if Black Friday stimulates purchasing, there is still a downturn for retailers. “Consumers get used to promotional prices and then view short-term prices as too high in the medium and long term. Since promotional prices and promotional days are similar to “They make retailers high in the short term, but sick in the long term.” JKU’s Ernst Gittenberger also questions the benefits of trading. “Business inflammation” around Black Friday will further impact already declining margins and inflation will eat up the increase. “So no real sales growth should be expected during promotional days — nor profit growth anyway,” Gittenberger said.

Trade Federation: 450 million expected sales

The trade association expects sales of 450 million euros during the upcoming special shopping days, Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday. Although this is 10 million euros more than in the previous year, adjusted for inflation it is approximately less than 7 percent, admitted the trade association’s managing director Rainer Weil.

Be careful on Black Friday

The discount battle surrounding Black Friday has also become entrenched in Austria and is continuing longer and longer. Promotions are intended to stimulate the desire to purchase, but discounts are often not as high as expected. Consumer advocates Warning about traps and fake shopsNGOs are criticizing textile waste and poor working conditions in many production facilities in the Global South, according to the APA.

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Tips for a successful Black Friday

In order not to miss the most attractive offers on Black Friday and to secure the best deals, early research is the best advice.

  • Plan and compare wish lists in advance

This is the only way you can buy what you really need and know if the discounts are real or not.

It’s helpful to plan ahead what you’ll need today. It is best to start the opponent’s battle well.

  • No pressure, please. Stay calm!

a lot Countdown or some lightning shows Putting consumers under pressure. breathes. Most likely the offers will be available again soon. Think about whether you really need it and don’t let any countdowns confuse you.

Black Friday also attracts scammers. It is best to check if it is a reputable provider. Some also show test seals or there are trial values ​​online. In online stores, you should always pay attention to a complete and error-free footprint, current General Terms and Conditions, information about cancellation and return rights as well as data protection regulations and quality marks.

Christmas gift and black friday trends

But what will Austrians buy on Black Friday? “We see a noticeable change compared to the previous year. Inflation is still weighing on Austrians’ wallets, but there are still electronics or home and garden wishes that people would like to fulfill more this year. This year, a lot of money is also being spent on sparkling children’s eyes.“, explains Robert Hadzetowicz, Managing Director of Shopping. But what do people like to buy?

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What do people buy on Black Friday in Austria?

Electronics: Electronic products are timeless classics in e-commerce, but the continued high demand for Apple AirPods is surprising. It has been a highly sought-after product since its release and remains at the top of Austrian consumers’ wish lists today.

at home: Although November still brings mild temperatures, Austrians are preparing for winter and flu season by buying more bedding and over-the-counter medicines when they shop. The do-it-yourself trend is seeing a revival with sewing machines, and electric saws have also arrived in the world of DIY enthusiasts. Makita and Stihl machines are in special demand here.

Reese: Lower Austria enamel and cookware manufacturer Riess is also seeing a revival. Colorful enamel pots, pans and baking dishes are very popular and increasingly finding their way into Austrians’ digital shopping carts.

Game: In the run-up to Christmas, interest in children’s toys also increases. Tonieboxes, Lego sets and vehicles from Bruder are at the top of kids’ most popular gift wish lists this year.

Coupons: The easy solution when looking for the perfect Christmas gift, and one that Austrians are turning to more and more, is a gift voucher. Having been selling vouchers specifically to high-profile customers and businesses in recent years, individuals can now also purchase shopping vouchers and give them to loved ones – supporting local retailers.

Frequently asked questions

Black Friday comes from the United States of America, and is the Friday after Thanksgiving, which always falls on the fourth Thursday of November. This year it is November 24th.

However, caution is advised when purchasing online. In order to protect your banking data, you must ensure that the data is transmitted securely and encrypted (https). Online retailers also try to analyze the purchasing behavior of their customers and create comprehensive profiles in order to place targeted advertisements. Therefore, it is advisable to delete your browser history and cookies after shopping.

Shipping costs can also be hidden. Here you should pay attention to shipping costs, especially for large items. In addition, different laws apply in countries outside the European Union. Customs demands, such as paying sales tax on imports, can quickly ruin a seemingly good supply.

Online purchases can be canceled for 14 days. To do this, similar notice must be sent to the retailer in a timely manner and the product must be returned. But be careful: for example, software products (unsealed) or custom-made products are excluded. It is allowed to unload and try on the goods. Unless otherwise agreed, return costs are generally borne by the customer.