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Messenger: WhatsApp now also sends photos in high resolution

Messenger: WhatsApp now also sends photos in high resolution

Meta has added a new functionality to the messenger: users can now send HD images via the HD function with WhatsApp. However, the new feature doesn’t fully work without detours, and accuracy is still limited.

Due to automatic resizing, users were previously only able to send high-resolution images via WhatsApp as a file attachment; The size of the images sent directly has been reduced. The corresponding new HD option has left the beta phase for the past few months and is therefore also available to the rest of the user community.

HD is not standard

However, the messenger still prefers the previously usual resolution known as standard quality at a lower quality level. Sending high-resolution photos still has to be activated each time they are sent, with WhatsApp warning the user each time about the larger file size and longer sending time. It is currently unknown whether this restriction will be removed in subsequent versions of the messenger.

Network quality issue

If the highest quality is selected, a resolution of 9 to 16 megapixels can be transmitted. However, the original images still don’t transfer, users will still have to live with a certain drop in quality – even if this is much lower than standard images and therefore less clear. Recipients are notified of the higher resolution by a small HD mark on the image. high WinFuture WhatsApp also takes into account the connection quality of the respective recipient when sending the message: if the signal is too weak and the transmission rate is too low, the image is initially displayed in the previous standard quality, and the higher resolution automatically follows once network quality improves.

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Available now

The new WhatsApp version is currently being distributed. Since this is also happening in waves this time, it may take some time again before all users receive the new option. The new functionality should already be available in WhatsApp Web.