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Metro Exodus & Dead Island 2: Both games have strong sales numbers

At Embracer Group, which includes THQ Nordic and Plaion, the quarterly report is now out and has some positive numbers and some information to offer.

Sales and player numbers, as well as future forecasts – this can always be seen in the quarterly reports of publishers. The Embracer Group, the parent company of many publishing labels and development studios, can be quite satisfied, at least with some products.

Metro Exodus, for example, the third installment in the Metro series by 4A Games, impressively proves that single-player games are far from dead. This shooter set in post-apocalyptic Russia may be four years old, but it’s still selling well. In the first quarter of 2023 alone, another half a million copies of the game were crossed. This brings the total number of copies sold of the game to 8.5 million copies, and along with some free promotions, the game even exceeds the 10 million player rule.

No wonder 4A Games is currently working on two games. One of them is another single-player shooter set to be announced later this year and released in 2024. A multiplayer branch is also in the works.

In the case of Dead Island 2, Embracer Group has nothing to complain about either. The title, which has been delayed several times and suffered from developer changes, seems to have found the right home at Dambuster Studios, which has been impressively shown by selling over two million copies.

Based on the quarterly report, more issuances can be expected in the fiscal year (extending to March 31, 2024), which also has potential. High-budget products include Payday 3, Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine 2, and Remnant 2. It looks like Payday 3, at least, is sure to be a hit, and the game is already on a number of wishlists on Steam.

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Payday 3 teaser trailer

The 20-second teaser video for the new shooter Payday 3 is intended to mark the beginning of the next additional information about the game.