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Michael Hyebok makes first progress after surgery

Michael Hyebok makes first progress after surgery

Do not bend or lift

Ski Jump Ace on “Good Road”

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Michael Hyebok is back on his feet three weeks after the operation as he walks along Königsseeache in the countryside.

Michael Hippok’s pain was so great three weeks ago that the ice-jumping ace went under the knife. Now Wahl-Rifer (Hallein/Tennengau) is starting to move around a bit again after her herniated disc operation.

His administration said Thursday that walking and rigorous core training will be accompanied by more intense physical therapy.

After intervertebral disc surgery and a three-week break, Michael Hybock steps in step by step. ???? …

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Hyböck is not allowed to bend and lift

The top 30-year-old Austrian wants to return to training soon, it was said three weeks before the start of the Olympic season. “I’m glad I don’t have to lie down so much and that I’m finally able to move again,” Hayböck said.

In the end he had to have a lot of patience. “More than that, I am now looking forward to the next steps in rehabilitation and, from now on, a more active daily life. Of course, I still have to pay attention to straightening the back with every movement and bending or lifting are not yet allowed.” Always in consultation with his doctor, he tries to take the next development steps. “I am on the right track.”

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