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Severe herniated disc: Janine Fluke spurred the World Cup after successful surgery

Severe herniated disc: Janine Fluke spurred the World Cup after successful surgery

Tyrolean skeleton Janine Fluke recently suffered from a severe herniated disc and had to have surgery. Training is possible again in eight weeks at the earliest.

Innsbruck / Rum. After a massive herniated disc, skeletal bosses Janine Fluke’s World Cup season begins only in the second half of the season. Last Friday, the 33-year-old had an operation at the Ketenbrueck sanatorium in Innsbruck. The good news: the operation went very well, and I started the rehabilitation program right away. “After the acute pain in my back, I immediately called Dr. Gabel from the Chain Bridge Clinic in Innsbruck. After the MRI, it was clear that an operation was necessary because the herniated disc was really huge,” says Fluke.

The process was uncomplicated

Neurosurgeon Dr. Michael Gabel, who has already performed spinal surgeries for top athletes such as Olympic champion Matthias Mayer, Hans Reichelt or former biathlon star Dominic Landertinger, is satisfied with the course of the operation: “The operation was uncomplicated. It was a large herniated disc pressing on the nerves, We removed part of the tissue that was in the neural tube. Now a stable scar should form and the intervertebral disc must completely heal before it can fully bear weight again. Janine Fluke can start training again in eight to ten weeks,” he said. the doctor.

Motivational and ambitious

A gentle rehab program is now suspended for Flock so that her intervertebral disc can fully recover. “The main goal is recovery, but if the doctors give me the green light, I would like to start the World Cup in the second half of the season, maybe this year. Being in the World Championships in St. Moritz and being able to compete for medals is my biggest motivation!”, he confirms athlete. National Skeleton Team coach Jeff Payne is convinced: ‘In regards to Janine, she is very fortunate that this time of year a problem with her back was detected. Of course, her health comes first. In elite sport, dealing with injuries is part of the success process and we will support her in Do what is necessary to get back into the competition and get back on the podium,” explains the coach.

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