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Michael Schenker Collection - International

Michael Schenker Collection – International

Well, late for this review, admittedly. The reasons for this are varied, one of which is certainly that it is not fun to write these lines. After about a really good year and a half “everlasting” The guy from Hanover with his signature Flying-V guitar is already following him and after countless rides you’re hoping to hear the squeak better, you want to scream at him: Hey, Michael, take your time! Because inspiration just looks different.

That’s why you hear professionally produced, top-notch hard rock music recorded by a global conglomerate. Don’t read that stupid at first. But when on tour you feel like you’ve heard something like this a hundred times before, you ask yourself what the whole thing is about. Is it a hobby for Mr. Schenker or a waste of time for those listening to this? Well, that seems very difficult again. Because the guitarist’s thousandth album isn’t such nonsense either. The title track “Universal” sparkled with guitar harmony culminating in a solo fade at the end that had all the guitarists cheering in the sky.

Everything else is beautiful, but nothing more. And that’s not enough for an expert like Michael Schenker. This album simply lacks the right to exist, especially in light of the long list of publications published by Germans based in England. Even Michael Kisek (HELLOWEEN) can’t pull off with his guest appearance on “A King Has Gone.” Not because of his vocal performance, which, as always, is above all else. No, the song itself is Toothless and stumbled upon the intersection of successful old-school elevator music and hard rock. To all the fans: Sorry for that opinion that carelessly spat it out, but that’s how “Universal” looks, too.

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classification: 2.5 / 5.0

author: Tobias (08/14/2022)