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Michael Windler has a stunned reaction to Willie Herrin's death

Michael Windler has a stunned reaction to Willie Herrin’s death

Michael Windler (left) responds to Willie Herrin’s death on Telegram.

© Rolf Vennendbernd / dpa, Saturday 1; Collage: RUHR24

Unusual words from Michael Windler. The pop singer has now shown his first reaction to the death of actor Willie Herreren.

Cologne / Florida – The The sudden death of Willie Herren (45)* She currently employs many celebrities from Germany. Some well-known friends of the pop singer said goodbye on Instagram and other social networks. Among them is Michael Windler (48). The two pop stars were not close friends, according to reports RUHR24*.

Pop singer Michael Windler
Boy June 22, 1972 (age 48) in Dinslaken
Current spouse Laura Muller (married 2020)
children Adeline Norberg
parents Christine Tegman, Manfred Wessels

Michael Windler: An Eternal Brawl with Willie Herren in “Sommerhaus der Stars” (RTL)

2019 look: Michael Wendler and wife Laura Mueller (20) competed this year in “Sommerhaus der Stars” (RTL). As opponents there: Willie Hiren and wife Yasmine (42). But the surviving couple did not become friends, which is what the audience heard out loud week after week (more Celebrity news from NRW* At RUHR24).

Time and time again there have been arguments about the reality show. This threatened to escalate dramatically in some places. For example, when Michael Windler struck his car, Laura, on the backside in front of the assembled team. Willie’s reaction: A severe insult to Windler, which ended in a big quarrel.

Michael Windler & Willie Herren: Insults and Insults in “Sommerhaus der Stars” (RTL)

In the end, Willie Herren accused his teammate of character split and said he should be ashamed of treating a young woman this way. But even after the end of “Sommerhaus der Stars” (RTL), the two are no longer friends, which is surprising.

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So like Willie Herrin after the scandal DSDS graduated from Michael Wendler in mid-2020* Clear public opinion: “I just can’t understand how you can make your mind explode.” Fortunately, there were no mutual insults in this case.

After Willie Herrin’s death: Michael Windler with condolences on Telegram

Most surprising are the rather sweet words that Michael Windler has now posted on Telegram. He usually uses the social platform for his conspiracy theories. You rarely find news specifically about the 48-year-old directly.

Video: Willie Herreren – Those were the late artist’s highlights

Willi Herren’s message on his channel begins with four red exclamation points. “My condolences. We didn’t always agree, but I never wished you death. Goodbye.” But these somewhat reconciliatory words come a few days later.

Actor Willie Herreren passed away on Tuesday, April 20. According to the initial autopsy report, there will be no debt to a third party.

© Jens Kalaene / dpa; Collage: RUHR24

Willy Herren: The actor died alone in his apartment in Cologne

Willie Herreren passed away on Tuesday (April 20) in his apartment in Cologne. The circumstances of his death have not been clarified yet – however, the Public Prosecution Office can rule out third-party negligence, reports dpa. * RUHR24 is part of the Edit Network IPPEN.MEDIA.