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Microsoft account: Beware of new phishing attacks

From Claus Ludwig
As a blog d. Windows has reported that Windows 10 and Xbox users should now prepare for a new phishing attack. Criminals want to get access to Microsoft account data.

On every current Xbox console, when using Xbox Game Pass or with Windows 10, a Microsoft account is required if you want to use all the functionality. Data on hardware, software licenses, and in some cases, even banking details are stored in the free online account. All this information makes a Microsoft account a profitable target for criminals. right Now Blog warns d. Windows encountered a new phishing attack Through the email sender “[email protected]”.

Allegedly unable to sign in with Microsoft accounts as of June 15, 2021

The masked email address sends an email under “Account Upgrade”, which you should never open or click on the link in. If you click on the website link, you will be taken to a phishing page where you must update your account details. After all, starting June 15, 2021, Microsoft customers won’t be able to sign in if they don’t update their email accounts, the email claims.

However, Microsoft itself has not initiated any such action. The software company never contacts users on its own. Known in this context is the supposed phone call from an alleged Microsoft support employee. The same applies here to those scammers who want to get user data. As always, if you have a problem with your computer, you should contact Microsoft yourself or do some research on the Internet.

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Collection of phishing attacks on Microsoft account users:

  • If you are using an Xbox console or Windows 10, you most likely have a Microsoft account. Lots of information about hardware, software licenses, and possibly banking details are stored on this Microsoft account.
  • There is now a new phishing attack from the email sender [email protected], which aims to gain access to the data of Microsoft accounts.
  • In the email with the subject “Account Upgrade”, you will be asked to update your email account on a website, otherwise you will not be able to sign in with your Microsoft account as of June 15, 2021.
  • Please do not open the link under any circumstances or enter data on this website, as this is a scam and not an action by Microsoft.

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