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Big Twitch Streamer finds the perfect item at the retailer, and explains why you should always swipe right away

Big Twitch Streamer finds the perfect item at the retailer, and explains why you should always swipe right away

There are many ways to get good loot in Diablo 4. Not many players think of Sanctuary merchants. Twitch Streamer Wudijo accidentally discovered a really powerful item and didn’t hesitate for a second.

What is this item? While liquidating his inventory and selling unnecessary items to a vendor, Wudijo discovers a rare and inherited Knight’s Blame armor.

Wudijo doesn’t hesitate for a moment to buy – and for a reason.

In the video we explain why traders are more useful than you think:

Diablo 4: Traders are more useful than you think

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“I won’t hesitate a moment.”

Why doesn’t he have to think long and hard? Besides good stats, chest armor for 722,036 gold is quite affordable in the late game, at least if you haven’t wasted all your gold on upgrades by then. In addition, the offer at merchants changes hourly.

In a one minute video on Youtube Wudijo explains that two really good items slipped through his fingers as a result of the changeover.

What makes the item so good? The basic armor value of “Knight’s Blame” is 1400 at level 75 due to its already high elemental level of 800. This is close to the maximum that can be found in Diablo 4 in terms of elements ever.

Additionally, it provides damage reduction, damage reduction from nearby enemies, and damage reduction from distant enemies to the character. There is an added advantage to the damage you cause.

Once purchased, he enchanted the Occultist’s chest armor and gained a boost of 7.3% to his total armor. Keep the item up to the maximum level in Diablo 4 (via PC games).

Wudijo is a Diablo expert whose rating contributed to the Tier List of the best classes and builds in Diablo 4. He has been gaining popularity in the Diablo scene for years. His Twitch channel is followed by over 302,000 people. There he is currently streaming Diablo 4 almost every day.

Recently he once again encountered the toughest boss in the game and had to flee at the last minute:

An expert fights the toughest boss in Diablo 4, risking his character’s life, and is forced to flee at the last moment

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