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Microsoft CEO calls Apple to do iMessage for Windows 11

Microsoft CEO calls Apple to do iMessage for Windows 11

One of the features Windows 11 It will be possible to use Android applications. As the opening progresses Microsoft A little closer to the supposed competitor Google. This also serves Chromebooks The ability to install Android applications.

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal did Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, announced this new policy. The question was also asked how are things going with iPhone and apps from an Apple a look.

Nadella replies, “We welcome whatever Apple wants to do on Windows. Be it iTunes, iMessageNadella also said you’re doing everything you can to make the iPhone communicate better with Windows. “We also want to make sure our software works great on Apple devices.”

It is possible that Apple will decline the invitation

It is unlikely that Apple would accept this invitation. iTunes for Windows has been causing complaints from users for years. Some now suspect that Apple is deliberately dumping the Windows version of iTunes to get people to buy a Mac.

Apple is very restrictive when it comes to iMessage, the standard iPhone messenger. There is no official app for Android or Windows here. There is also no browser version for Windows devices.

A small bright spot is what Apple recently announced confrontation time With iOS 15 A little more open. In the future, Android or Windows users will also be able to participate in video chats – but only via a browser. To initiate calls, you still need an Apple device. Users with Windows or Android will then be sent an invitation link to chat.

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