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Microsoft is said to be working on a modular operating system

Microsoft is said to be working on a modular operating system

from Rhonda Backman
It is said that Microsoft is already working on a new version of Windows. According to the latest information, the “Windows 12” mentioned in the reports is said to be a modular operating system. Microsoft could build the system on Google Chrome.

What is Microsoft currently working on? According to rumors, the Redmond-based company is already working on a new version of the Windows operating system. Whether this is a successor to Windows 11 or Windows 12 or a major update to the operating system is not yet known. According to the latest information, Microsoft is said to want to give its operating system a modern touch.

Microsoft is said to be working on a customizable version of Windows

Microsoft previously attempted to modernize its Windows platform as a UWP-based operating system. The result was Windows Core OS, which is a modular system. However, Windows 10X, designed for the PC, is out in 2021 after months of internal testing and years of development.

However, Microsoft doesn’t seem to have scrapped the idea. It is said that the company is currently working on a project that aims to update Windows with several innovations that are already being worked on for the Windows Core OS. However, the new version should focus on native compatibility with older Win32 applications, for systems where this is necessary. Codenamed CorePC, this project is intended to be a modular, customizable variant of Windows.

CorePC aims to be a version of Windows that rivals ChromeOS in terms of operating system size, performance, and capabilities. The platform will be expanded by manufacturers, similar to Google’s Android. A version that only works on Edge, web apps, Android apps, and Office and that is designed for lower-end educational PCs is already being tested. This version is said to be about 60 to 75 percent smaller than Windows 11 SE.

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source: Windows CentralAnd golem