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WWDC starts on the 5th of June

WWDC starts on the 5th of June

Apple has scheduled this year’s developer conference, at which the virtual reality glasses business is expected to enter, from June 5 to 9. The iPhone Group announced on Wednesday that WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) will once again be held in an online format. On the first day there should be an event for developers and students at the headquarters in Cupertino.

At the annual WWDC, Apple traditionally gives an overview of the innovations in its programs that will be presented in the fall. This should give developers the chance to prepare their apps for this over the summer.

However, according to media reports, a new product category is expected to be pushed in this year’s release. Among other things, the financial service Bloomberg reported that Apple wants to announce glasses for viewing virtual reality (VR), which will be launched in a few months. The device must also be able to show the real environment on its screens with the help of cameras. The WWDC ad image appropriately resembles a lens.

Apple has been using something called augmented reality (AR) for years, where digital items are projected onto a screen in real environments, for example. The group’s goal is lightweight glasses with clear lenses – but with technology that can provide additional information in the user’s field of vision. According to experts, it will likely be years before this becomes possible with a compact size and longer battery life.

According to media reports, Apple’s first headset looks like ski goggles. Existing providers of virtual reality glasses such as Facebook Group Meta and HTC have similar looking devices on offer. According to media reports, Apple’s glasses are said to be much more expensive at $3,000.

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