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Microsoft is stopping the operating system forever – thousands of users have to act

Microsoft is stopping the operating system forever – thousands of users have to act

Two possibilities

Microsoft users may need to act quickly. Because the Windows version will not be supported. You have two options.

Dortmund – Anyone who swears by Windows 10 will soon have to bite a bullet. Because the operating system from Microsoft will not be provided with functionality updates soon. At best, users have two options.

Microsoft Windows 10 Expiration Date: Support only through October 2025

In fact, there have been regular Windows function updates in the spring and fall. But that’s the end of it for Windows 10. Instead, Microsoft is only providing security updates to its customers – but only until October 2025.

However, users should take a closer look at which version of Windows 10 they have installed. Because only Windows 10 22H2 will have security updates until October 2025 (more digital news at RUHR24).

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Out for Windows 10: One version of the operating system will expire in 2023

Private users who still have Windows 10 version 21H2 installed will have to drop support starting June 2023. In order for users to be provided with security updates as long as possible, they must urgently switch to Windows 10 22H2.

If you are running at least version 20H2, sooner or later the built-in update mechanism will automatically suggest an upgrade, eg chip mentioned. But users can also go active and use Windows 10 Update Assistant.

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Microsoft recommends switching to Windows 11 – but not all users can take this step

For some users, this will be the only way to get support at least until October 2025. After that, the only thing left is to switch to Windows 11 — but not all users can take that step.

The problem: Microsoft is noisy chip Increased system requirements for Windows 11. Not all devices have the right hardware to be able to use Windows 11 without any issues.

Microsoft is retiring the operating system forever.

At best, Microsoft users have two options in their Windows misery

But if hardware isn’t the problem, Microsoft recommends switching to Windows 11. Update from 10 to 11 is free, users have to be loud chip actively looking. If Windows 11 is available for the device, it must be downloaded and installed.

In the best case scenario, users have two options: upgrade to Windows 10 22H2 to receive updates until October 2025. Or update the system to Windows 11, although not all users can act here.