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Nintendo is looking for employees for the next console!

Nintendo is looking for employees for the next console!


European section Nintendo Europe research last developmentshort hard-working It’s called, looking for talented developers. This is from a job advertisement. It may in fact be a place associated with Khalifa Nintendo keys Situations. After all, this is very evident in advertising.

The first official guide

It’s the first time this has been done Nintendo Officially Khalifa Nintendo keys acknowledge. Since issuance Nintendo keys A lot happened in March 2017. Above all, the console success of the Japanese manufacturer of games and consoles is another milestone in its history. Nintendo He was. About behind a contract but Nintendo Always very cloudy.

Job advertisement

But now a job advertisement has appeared, which seems to reveal that there will be a next one soon Nintendo The console must be declared. It says they are looking for developers across platforms, which could mean that the Nintendo keys Even after the next release Nintendo The console should continue to support. However, the announcement doesn’t say when or where we’ll learn more about the future Nintendo be experienced.

What should the Nintendo Switch successor do?

Good question. in the end Nintendo keys technically superior competition Sony And Microsoft With flying colors. The clever design, with which you can play the console on the big screen but also on the go, is an unbeatable argument. Still have to Nintendo Prepare for the future. Therefore, at least updating the graphic would be a big step to further the successful concept of the current console. The built-in screen and detachable controllers should definitely be kept. Size doesn’t always matter!

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time since it was posted Nintendo Switch Even today, it went by incredibly fast. This shows how to play entertaining with Nintendo keys For us.