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Microsoft is teaching Copilot new things

Microsoft is teaching Copilot new things

Microsoft’s AI assistant is called Copilot, across all possible Microsoft software and offerings, be it Windows, Office, SharePoint, Teams, Designer, Defender, the various studios or the browser. The company buried its previous name, “Bing Chat,” in November. Microsoft is now promising new performance features for Copilot.


It is currently under testing and is expected to become publicly available “soon.” Microsoft says. Four weeks ago, Microsoft Partner OpenAI fired up the GPT-4 Turbo. This more robust language model will also power Copilot “in the coming weeks.” A new image generation model is already available: DALL-E 3 is in the co-pilot as well On Bing-The website is ready.

The co-pilot also receives a so-called code translator. He will soon be able to assist with programming, calculations, data analysis, graphical representations, and other tasks.

Anyone browsing with Edge is using Microsoft’s version of the Chromium browser. In Edge, it’s now possible to tag text on third-party websites and direct your co-pilot to paraphrase the content.

GPT-4 Turbo is multimedia, meaning it can combine text, images, and sounds. This should help with image searches in Bing. Users can upload images and text – for example, Microsoft displays a question related to a scene depicted in an image. Bing will soon attempt to evaluate and answer these combined questions.

There’s also something new coming to Bing Deep search service. If desired, it replaces questions on complex topics with more detailed and worded questions. Using these AI-generated questions, Bing must then produce search results that would not be displayed if the question had been originally formulated, for example because their search terms do not even appear in the results documents. However, a deep search takes up to half a minute. Therefore, deep search is neither suitable nor intended for everyday search queries. Additionally, the power consumption on Microsoft’s servers is likely to be impressive.

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