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At first, this was bad news, then good news for iPhone filmmakers

At first, this was bad news, then good news for iPhone filmmakers

A legendary app is saying goodbye, but a new competitor to fill its shoes is on the horizon.

iPhone 15 Pro: Apple ushered in a new era of records

Smartphones have become popular for small film projects since Apple’s impressive demonstration of what filmmakers can get from the iPhone 15 Pro camera with more expensive equipment. But a big part of the benefit isn’t just Apple’s hardware, but also the software that has to handle the new video record format.

Even Apple trusts its better third-party providers (eg at its recent Mac event), from which some dramatic news has recently arrived.

Bad: All Filmic Pro employees have been laid off

the Bad News First: The parent company, Bending Spoons, laid off all 22 employees working on the popular Filmic Pro application. Filmic Pro has been one of the most comprehensive apps for filmmakers on smartphones for years, but it was acquired by the Italian studio this year.

One of the first steps caused headwinds from the fan community: a one-time payment was replaced with a subscription model. It’s unclear what will happen to Filmic apps now, but I wouldn’t have high hopes for further meaningful developments.

Now it seems that it is time to look for an alternative. At least there’s now a pretty good feature with BlackMagic Camera – and it’s completely free. But this shouldn’t be the only good option.

Good: Halide makers working on ‘Kino’

Because here it comes good news: Now the makers of the popular iPhone photo app Halide have announced a similar app for smartphone movies. “Movie theaterLike the Blackmagic camera, it’s designed to use the log format introduced with the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max.

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However, the startup Lux Optics is not giving itself much time. One of the founders will become a father in February and the app should be available before then. Let’s hope they don’t rush to release the software anyway.