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Microsoft Office 2024 offers the right to choose: subscription or one-time purchase

Microsoft Office 2024 offers the right to choose: subscription or one-time purchase

Microsoft is responding to user requests: Office 2024 will be available as a subscription model and as a one-time purchase. This dual strategy promises greater adaptability to individual needs.

Not everything was better, but software sales models were simpler. Today the trend is clear: companies prefer to sell their software as a subscription.

Instead of a larger one-time payment, users pay a small subscription fee each month. Software providers take care of updates and constantly offer new functionalities.

The same applies to Microsoft Office, where Microsoft is trying to do its best Microsoft 365 subscriptions To bring users. But you can still use the current major version of Office 2021 Buy in one fell swoop.

Now there First reports About the fact that there will be a new major version of Office next year. Microsoft Office 2024 Should in Second half of 2024 He appears.

There are no subscription requirements for Microsoft Office 2024

There’s no official confirmation from Microsoft yet, however First screenshots of Office 2024 The official Windows Insider account appeared on the post saying that the future looks bright indeed.

The main question for many users is whether Microsoft will take the step towards a pure subscription version of Office or offer another purchase option. The obvious seems to be clear: users should still be able to choose between a subscription and a one-time purchase of Office 2024.

Regarding new features, available versions and release period, there is no more specific information yet. But just the news that there’s no subscription obligation should make many Office users breathe a sigh of relief.

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