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Microsoft warns Bill Gates not to flirt with employees

Microsoft warns Bill Gates not to flirt with employees

Microsoft founder Bill Gates He is said to have sent “inappropriate” emails to an employee. How is that The Wall Street Journal I mentioned that CEOs have gates 2008 Ask to refrain from doing so during a conversation. It is said that he was courting women.

Brad SmithGates, who was then the company’s chief attorney and one other person, reportedly asked not to write any further emails of this nature. However, there was no evidence that Gates met the woman, so the case was not pursued. Shortly after the meeting, Gates left Microsoft as a full-time employee.

Gates knows the allegations

Microsoft confirmed the WSJ report to AP . news agency. But Bill Gates’ office denied the allegations and said the allegations were false. The rumors will be heated and the people involved will have no knowledge of the facts. In addition, there is a significant conflict of interest for some people.

after, after Divorce from Bill and Melinda Gates Details of Bill Gates’ dealings with female employees have been revealed. He is said to have had at least one affair and to order dinner from several women (I mentioned Futurezone). It is said that the fact that Gates left the Microsoft board of directors in 2001 was a direct result of his case.

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