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Ralph Demmel sells the company to a colleague "Höhle der Löwen" for a record sum

Ralph Demmel sells the company to a colleague “Höhle der Löwen” for a record sum

Ralph Demmel got a big deal apart from the movie “Die Höhle der Löwen”.

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In “Die Höhle der Löwen,” Ralph Dummel and George Koffler compete to court the founders. But behind the camera, it’s clear that the two will make common cause in the future. This is how Dummel is supposed to be comp DS Products was sold to Löwe Kofler.

The “pictureNow reports indicate that Dummel ceded his company to fellow Vox Kofler for approximately €220 million. – specifically to “Social-Chain AG”, its major shareholder and chairman of the supervisory board of directors is Kofler.

George Koffler has already confirmed the news Twitter They made it clear that they were always fine. Now let’s go on a great adventure together. “The biggest Löwendeal ever,” Kofler said. “Our share now is also the lion’s share.” Dummel shared the post.

According to the newspaper “Bild”, Ralph Demmel will be appointed to the board of directors of “Social-Chain AG” in the future and will receive a quarter of the amount of approximately 220 million euros. As the Product Manager (CPO), he will also be responsible for the areas of Products, Purchasing, Trade Marketing, Logistics and Sales.

A threaded deal in ‘Den of the Lions’

Particularly interesting: According to an insider, the deal is said to have been discussed behind the “lions’ den.” “They both started the deal last summer while filming. Together they now want to build a billion dollar international company.”The newspaper quoted.

As was the case after the Ralph DeMille and George Koffler deal, in TV It is still not clear. It should not be possible for both of them to act as investors in parallel, as it was before. However, it is conceivable that they will share the investor’s chair and appear as a duo in the future – or take turns on the show. Kofler had already done so with Judith Williams in the past before they both invested separately. Watson’s request regarding this has so far remained unanswered by Kofler and Dümmel.


‘What Hurts Me Most Because of Shendi’: Rapper Ali Bomai remembers classing Bushido’s poster

The breakup of Bushido’s label Ersguterjunge, also known by the acronym EGJ, has had far-reaching consequences for a number of German rappers. Since the legal dispute between the Berlin artist and Arafat Abu Shaker began, things with EGJ have deteriorated – the artists contracted with the company have collapsed. According to Bushido, Abu Shakir is said to have tried to persuade the rapper to be on his side, and then all but Samra rebelled against him.

2018 left because…

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