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Microsoft will change key allocation after 28 years

Microsoft will change key allocation after 28 years

Since Windows 95, you can use a Print button a screenshot from the screen and save it to the clipboard. Soon may though the button I reset it Become.

The history of the push button goes back even further. It has been an independent key since IBM introduced the MF2 keyboard in 1978. On classic computer keyboards, it is usually to the right next to the F12 key It is found above the insert button.

The Print key opens the Snipping Tool

how Windows latest Reportedly, Microsoft has added button functionality in their new file trial version Changed by Windows 11. When you press the Print button, a screenshot is no longer made, but the image for Windows is opened cutting tool, where sections of images can be recorded and saved. Versions 22621.1546 and 22624.1546 are affected.

Previously, the Snipping Tool could be called up using the key combination Windows key + Shift + S. In Windows 11, you can not only take screenshots with the Snipping Tool, but also screen videos to register. This will probably be faster with the new mapping of the print button.

The new trimmer can also record videos.

The new trimmer can also record videos.

If you prefer to use the classic print function, you can also switch the button back to Format old condition Re-Set. To do this, go to Settings menu to the “keyboard”, where a separate field is displayed for the print key.

The new mission is more user friendly

The change should be mainly aimed at new Windows users who are not familiar with the operating system. The new occupancy is exactly that More easy to usewhere users enter immediately comment received when they press the button. With the current functionality, Windows does not in any way indicate that a screenshot is being taken and saved to the clipboard by pressing a key. This may be confusing for new users.

The name of the print button, in English “Print Screen”, comes from a file original task Back button. in the operating system MS DOSwhich still uses command line commands, the text that appears on the screen when a key is pressed printer port sender. If a printer is connected, the page will be printed.

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