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Microsoft: Windows Server 2022 wurde in drei Versionen veröffentlicht

Microsoft: Windows Server 2022 released in three editions

The new Windows Server 2022 enterprise operating system receives 10 years of product support in the form of support and updates from Microsoft and is now released in three editions, Windows Server 2022 Standard, Datacenter, and Datacenter Azure Edition, which can be tried for 180 days.

Windows Server 2022 is based on Windows 10

The latest version of Windows Server indicates that it is version 21H2, which corresponds to the upcoming feature update of Windows 10, on which the updated enterprise operating system is based. Visually, the new Windows Server is still based on Windows 10, not Windows 11.

Windows Server 2022 Build 20348 reports as Windows 21H2 (Image: Registry)

the site record He has already checked out the evaluation version, which anyone can try for free for 180 days. After installation, Windows Server 2022 Standard appears as Build 20348 (“21H2”) with the familiar Windows 10 desktop – including the tiles in the start menu.

New roles are set for the future enterprise operating system, as it comes with an expanded feature set.

  • DNS over HTTPS to resolve DNS
  • AES-256-GCM/CCM encryption for small and medium businesses
  • Nested virtualization on current AMD Epyc and Intel Xeon series processors
  • Hyper-V platform in virtual machines
  • Improver rulers for Azure
  • Extended container functions

In addition, Chromium-based Edge completely replaces Internet Explorer and the “legacy” Edge browser based on the enterprise proprietary HTML viewer for the first time. EdgeHTML.

Azure Exclusive Features

However, some of the new functionality is reserved exclusively for the Azure edition of Windows Server 2022 and Azure Stack HCI, a subscription edition of the server operating system, and was not found in the Standard and Datacenter editions.

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Includes exclusive features Hotpatch for Windows Server and VMsWhich allows the administrator to apply updates and patches without restarting, and SMB over network protocol quick, which brings with it static encoding of metadata as well.

The Administration Center, released to all Windows Server users and administrators in April 2018, has been further enhanced with Windows Server 2022 and is intended to make it easier to manage installations without a desktop.

Windows Server 2022 should support a maximum of 48 TB of RAM, 2048 logical processor cores, and up to 64 physical CPU sockets.

Support until October 2026 and 2031

Regular product support, so-called base support, for Windows Server 2022 extends until October 13, 2026, with Long Term Support (LTS) support can be extended until October 14, 2031 for a fee.

The 180-day evaluation copy of Windows Server 2022 can be live Downloaded from Microsoft.