Complete News World – The new expansion Anno 1800 will be released on May 23 – The new expansion Anno 1800 will be released on May 23

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Not only has Anno 1800 achieved global success as a video game, but the board game adaptation has also found many fans around the world. Now the expansion is coming soon and will bring more strategic possibilities and complexity to the game. The publisher also promises additional order cards that unlock entirely new strategies.

It has also been promised that Innovation and Gear cards will enable new combo moves. A single-player campaign will also now be included in the game.

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This is what the extension offers

Anno 1800 Expansion – The board game advances crafting and provides new capabilities and combo moves. Innovation cards and gears increase efficiency, airships boost trade, expansion, and influence, patents protect your industries, and new order cards unlock entirely new strategies. The expansion includes a solo mode and can only be played with the base game. Discover the professional Martin Wallace game now with more options and intense fun.

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This is what the base game offers

The board game Anno 1800 is based on the computer game of the same name and puts players in the role of industrial pioneers in the time of the Industrial Revolution. The goal of the game is to build a prosperous economy by improving production chains, developing new technologies and making your population happy.

Players start with a humble island and must expand it through smart management of resources and manpower. As the game progresses, additional islands can be discovered and settled, opening up new production opportunities and markets. One of the basic elements of the game is trading with other players in order to obtain desired goods or sell excess goods.

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The game board shows the various production facilities and buildings that can be built and expanded as the game progresses. Each action requires resources and offers benefits in return, such as new technologies or the ability to accommodate more demanding citizens. Residents have different needs that must be met through building construction and expansion.

Particular emphasis is placed on the balance between expanding your empire and meeting the needs of the population. Through smart planning and strategic decisions, players can improve their economic empire and thus achieve maximum success.

The Anno 1800 board game ends when one player has filled out all of their population cards. The person with the most points collected through various actions and completing objectives wins the game.