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Mike Pompeo is said to have made personal mistakes with the staff

Mike Pompeo is said to have made personal mistakes with the staff

Former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has reportedly handed over official duties to his government officials. However, this violates an important standard.

Dog walks, gifts for friends, restaurant bookings: Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo During his tenure the government appointed employees to do private work. Pompeo and his wife, Susan, have been awarded more than a hundred such contracts, according to an internal statement issued Friday by the Inspector General of the State Department. This would be a violation of Pompeii against “the standard of ethical conduct for executive employees.”

On several occasions, top investigators have asked the Pompeo couple to take care of the family dog, the investigation report said. In addition, employees are said to have been asked to give gifts to friends and acquaintances or to book at restaurants.

Trump blocked the trials

Former President Donald Trump fired the Inspector General of State last year after he began investigating allegations against Pompeo. However, his office continued to investigate and has now released more than a hundred violations.

The report also recommends clarifying the rules of conduct. In many cases, it is not clear to employees whether the orders are personal or official, for example, when security precautions were required for private companies.

Serious allegations

Democrat MP, who chairs the US House of Representatives’ Foreign Affairs Committee Gregory Meeks accused Pompeo of abusing his position in favor of “himself, his family, and future political aspirations.” He asked for further investigation.

Pompeo has ambitions to run for president in 2024. At the end of his tenure as Secretary of State, Pompeo took a position as a commentator for Fox News Television.

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