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A big hit for Sony in the US

of Soren Dietrich
The latest figures from the NPD Group confirm the trend of previous years: while video games and related hardware can expect even stronger growth, the Nintendo Switch ranks first in many segments – but not everywhere. Because Sony’s new PlayStation 5 can now attach a new record to the chest.

No wonder the video game industry is on the side of profiteers in times of epidemics. After all, people are increasingly expecting distractions from turbulent events and are often bound to their own four walls due to isolation or exit restrictions, which is why reaching the bag is obvious.

Switch and PS5 are big winners

The Recent figures from the NPD Group Confirm this trend, because gaming hardware sales rose 47 percent again compared to March of the previous year. With a total of US $ 680 million, March 2021 was also able to achieve a new monthly record. Based on this month, Nintendo Switch was able to make itself comfortable at the top of the podium. Nintendo’s hybrid console has a margin based on the numbers sold.

However, if you stretch the data to the previous quarter things will be different. There, the switch can still win in terms of numbers, but if you take the US dollars you earn as a basis for owning the Crohn Sony PlayStation 5, all consoles cost at least more than the portable competitor on the disk version. The PS5 cannot be taken away from another success for now: no other console in the United States has been able to sell so quickly – both in terms of number of units and dollar sales.

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Exact numbers are not available, but Sony announced at least in February that it was able to deliver an impressive 4.5 million PS5 consoles in the first few months of launch. The internal target for this year is 7.6 million units, but it can be assumed that this target will be exceeded.

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