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Minecraft Legends: Action-Echtzeit­strategiespiel soll 2023 erscheinen

Minecraft Legends: A real-time strategy game scheduled for release in 2023

Photo: Mojang

RTS Stormgate, developed by former Blizzard employees, isn’t the only title of its kind to be announced at Summer Game Fest 2022 to build on past successes. However, this time it is not about StarCraft and Warcraft, but about Minecraft.

pig attack from hell

As part of the Xbox & Bethesda Game Showcase, Microsoft and Mojang introduced Minecraft Legends, the next survival adventure spinoff. The latter received an update with mangroves, frogs and mud just a few days ago, while the real-time strategy game is all about defending the upper world against attacking monsters from hell. The trailer makes the first impression, although the video shows a bit of gameplay. In order to fend off the invasion of Piglin and defend the villages, players form alliances with all kinds of mobs; It is said that among them many acquaintances.

Mojang is developing Minecraft Legends in collaboration with Blackbird Interactive, a Canadian studio currently working on RTS Homeworld 3. Interested parties should not expect to experience a classic real-time strategy entirely; Mojang herself talks about the work of RTS. The player is always in the middle of the action, fighting alongside allies and leading them from a third person perspective. Since Minecraft Legends will be released not only for PC, but also for PlayStation 4, 5, Xbox One, Series X, S, and Nintendo Switch, the controls that are accessible are clear: the title should be at least as easy to play with consoles. Control as with mouse and keyboard.

Multiplayer and campaign co-op

Moreover, Microsoft and Mojang promise a competitive multiplayer mode and a cooperative mode for the entire campaign. Minecraft Legends is supposed to offer a fun story with some twists, but the developers aren’t revealing more than that, more information can be expected in the coming months. However, it can be said with certainty that the game will be available as part of Game Pass when it is released.

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Minecraft Legends follows both Minecraft Dungeons and Minecraft Earth. The former was introduced at E3 2019 and is still being updated with new content, while the latter was discontinued in the summer of 2021.