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Halo developer icon leaves Microsoft – where is the journey headed?

Halo developer icon leaves Microsoft – where is the journey headed?

Joseph Staten, Chief Creative Officer for Halo Infinite and Cinematic Director for the first 3 Halo video games, is leaving Microsoft.

Why Joseph Staten It’s unknown who will be leaving Microsoft after nine years, but it’s been confirmed: He’s leaving the company behind the Halo franchise he’s worked on extensively – most recently as chief creative officer on Halo Infinite.

“We are grateful for Joseph’s contributions to the Halo franchise and Xbox as a whole,” a Microsoft spokesperson told We wish him all the best in his new adventure.

Staten commented on it report On Twitter:

“Hey guys, I’m actually leaving Microsoft. I’ll have more info to share soon, but for now I just want to thank all my fellow Xbox guys for their understanding and support as I embark on a new adventure.”

Bungie veteran and later Microsoft

Joseph Staten served as the cinematographer for the first three Halo games developed under the Bungie banner. After that he was a lead writer for Destiny and went back to Microsoft and later to Halo. Upon leaving Bungie, he worked as a senior creative director at Microsoft, initially avoiding the Halo franchise and developer 343 Industries. In 2020 he returned to Halo Infinite as a project lead for the campaign and later as chief creative officer.

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In early 2023, Staten left 343 to return to work at Xbox Publishing. Besides all the video games, Staten has also written a number of Halo novels.

We’re excited to see where Statin is headed. It remains an icon for Halo fans.