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Miss Austria 2021 in Linz

Miss Austria 2021 in Linz

Linz. In Linz at the Kaufmännischer Verein Palace, Miss and Mister Austria 2021 have been selected: Linda Lawal and Roman Schindler can look forward to the title.

The Miss Austria election took place on August 27, 2021 at the Palais Kaufmännischer Verein in Linz. Linda Lawal was chosen as Miss Austria 2021 and Roman Schindler as Mister Austria 2021. “With their personality, charisma and ambition, they beat the jury and won the title of Miss and Mister Austria 2021.” Proven interviews, shootings, and rehearsals.

The winners

Not only is Miss Austria 2021 Linda found on the catwalk, she also epitomizes her positive allure while cheering. The new Miss Austria has a message of diversity and wants to stand up for diversity and equality. “Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself,” says Linda Lawal.

Mr. Austria 2021 Roman Schindler pursues his passion for fitness and a healthy lifestyle as a personal trainer. He sees his mission as directing the lives of his fellow human beings in a positive direction. “With his worldview and his global perspective, he’s ready for something new.”

eminent jury

The second Miss Austria 2021 is Nicole Huber, and the second Miss Austria 2021 is Patrick Walder. Beatrice Harambasa and Christian Demirer finished third. The jury consisted of prominent figures in the fields of sports, fashion and show business, as well as art and culture. “They are all successful and experts in their field, successful visionaries and pioneers. They know what is important and that is why we are especially proud to have such an amazing jury,” said Kirsten and Jörg Rieger, Managing Directors of Mission Austria. “In addition to appearance, the character plays Authenticity and general appearance are crucial to us!”

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In addition to the error-makers and managing directors of Mission Austria, Kerstin and Jörg Rigger, the decision was made by Starfigaro Dieter Ferschinger, ski legend Lizz Görgl, Mister Austria and Mister World Europe Alberto Nodale, businessman Nadia Ondrosikova, actor and screenwriter Albert Fortel makeup coach Jessica Lange, singer Jasmine “Bloomshine” Wagner and radio and TV presenter Minrad Knapp.

The evening was hosted by moderator Norbert Oberhauser and Miss Austria 2019 Larisa Rubichko.