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Sonja and Bernd – The Last Three of Us (Zombie Radio Play)

Sonja and Bernd – The Last Three of Us (Zombie Radio Play)

On Wednesday 1 November from 9pm to 10pm on FM4

The other person’s presence is sometimes unbearable. The shared experiences are, on the one hand, crazy and on the other hand, as real as if you had experienced them yourself. We know the humorous radio skits performed by the FM4 duo Sonia and Bernd, played by Eva Deutsch and David Pfister. In recent years, the two have slipped into their roles as “Sonja & Bernd”, the FM4 duo, in nearly 1,000 radio play episodes. For example, in her Morning Show column titled “Weekend Vibes with Sonja and Bernd,” a dry satire about the ups and downs of a long-term couple. In 2015, they published the book “Sonya and Bernd in Thailand” with cartoonist Gerhard Haderer.

It is already a good tradition that they invite guests during the holidays and produce one-hour radio plays. In recent years with people like Michael Buchinger, Fritz Ostermeier, Hosea Racheler, Reem Hegazy, Bernie Wagner, and Ulrike Heydacher.

Just in time for Halloween and All Saints’ Day, Eva Deutsch and David Pfister have prepared a new one-hour radio play. With author and cabaret artist Lena Hodel as guest star. “Sonja and Bernd – The Last 3 of Us” is a sequel to one of their most legendary episodes and focuses on the Austrian zombie apocalypse.

The last 3 of us

After Sonja and Bernd successfully escaped polluted Vienna on e-scooters in Apocalypse Part 1 (2019), the two have now been living holed up in a small, abandoned village in southern Burgenland for four years.

Far away from any civilization, in Sonia’s parents’ abandoned house. There the two brave daily post-apocalyptic life as hermits and survivalists, growing their own vegetables and fruits, hunting, practicing crafts, and having only each other.

Suddenly, after being completely alone for a few years, they meet someone else. A young woman has abandoned all social etiquette and lives the way she likes. This soon becomes very annoying for Sonia and Bernd. With comedian and author Lena Johanna Hodel as a representative of Generation Z(-ombie).

“Sonja and Bernd – The Last 3 of Us (The Zombie Radio Play)” can be heard on Wednesday, November 1 from 9-10pm on FM4 Radio!