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Missing data found from Wuhan lab

Missing data found from Wuhan lab

It is unclear how and why the secret services have now revealed the data set. “The most valuable technical data in it are genetic sequences, entries in databases and information about the origin of samples and the time and context in which they were captured: it explains information that can be used to determine the origin of the Covid-19 virus,” an anonymous US Secret Service employee was quoted by CNN.

Until shortly before the outbreak of the epidemic in September 2019, this genetic data was available online – but then the information was removed. Since then, China has refused to provide that and other data on its first cases of coronavirus to the World Health Organization.

Doubts remained high

During their research in Wuhan, the World Health Organization found no evidence that the virus originated in a laboratory. However, in its work – more than a year after the start of the epidemic – the commission did not have free access to all sources. Suspicions remain high and all questions about the origin of the virus remain open.

In the US, Democrats have long rejected the laboratory theory – mainly because they did not want to agree with then-US President Trump. But the tide has turned since Joe Biden took over. In May, President Biden ordered the intelligence services to re-investigate the origin of the virus and report back within 90 days.

Unpleasant facts can also emerge for the United States: since research for coronaviruses was considered too dangerous, it was stopped in 2014. Instead, research was funded in a laboratory in Wuhan – until former President Trump stopped funding in April 2020 . He

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