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Poland threatens Israel with deterioration of relations

Poland threatens Israel with deterioration of relations

IThe government of Israel is keen on Saturday from the Polish president Andre Duda The administrative signature and the law of response interacts. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Jerusalem withdrew the Chargé d’Affairs in Warsaw indefinitely. In addition, the new Israeli ambassador-designate to Poland, Yakov Levin, will not take up his post for the time being. Israel also advised the Polish ambassador in Tel Aviv, Marek Magierowski, to extend the current home leave. US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken also expressed his “deep concern” about the Polish legislation in a statement issued by the State Department.

john stank

Political correspondent for Israel, the Palestinian Territories and Jordan, based in Tel Aviv.

The gist of the law passed by the House of Representatives on Wednesday and signed by President Duda on Saturday is that, in the future, administrative decisions can no longer be appealed after the 30-year period has elapsed. The law also affects descendants of Jewish Holocaust victims, whose property was confiscated during communist rule after 1945. Duda said the law would remove legal uncertainty for Polish homeowners and landowners if a previous owner was found more than seventy years later. This ended an “era of legal anarchy” and a “vengeful mafia”, Duda of the Polish news agency said.

Bennett talks about a ‘shameful decision’

Israeli Foreign Minister Jair Lapid On the other hand, he said: “Tonight Poland has become an anti-democratic and illiberal country that does not respect the greatest tragedy in human history.” “We will refuse to tolerate any contempt for the memory of the Holocaust and its victims,” ​​Lapid said. Prime Minister Naftali Bennett spoke of a “shameful decision.” Polish law forbids Jews to compensate for property stolen during the Holocaust.

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As announced by Lapid 2018 between the Government of Poland and the then Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu To reconsider the statement he made three years ago: “We reject any act that accuses Poland or the Polish nation as a whole of atrocities.” So far, Lapid has mainly distanced himself from the policy of the previous Israeli alliance with the Višegrad Group, which the previous government in Jerusalem sponsored.