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Missing referee: localization director warnt

Missing referee: localization director warnt

Lately, it’s all about PR lost judgment Fun is at the fore. In the tradition of the Yakuza series You can distract yourself with many things in Lost Judgment. From skating in the park to dancing to fighting robots.

Localization director Scott Strechart cautioned in a Twitter post that these fun moments don’t capture the essence of the game. The game will deal with serious issues – and those interested should know that, too. Kind of a trigger warning, if you will.

“It’s worth saying: I’m glad you’re excited about dancing, skateboarding, and dogs at Lost Judgment. But please don’t forget that the story is about different traumas. All funny things don’t deserve to end up in the wrong space for them,” says Strickhart. on Twitter.

“If you have any concerns, check the game before you buy – your health comes first, the game is not overly sensitive to you. Take care of yourself, you are important,” Steicht said.

Lost Judgment, a sequel to Judgment, is scheduled for release on September 24, 2021 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. commercial copy It can be found on Amazon for PS4, PS5, and Xbox*.

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