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Wow: 40 warriors vs 40 magicians

From Sebastian Glanzer
WoW Rextroy player is not only known for his videos in which he shows single shots and reveals bugs in the game. In this 40 vs 40 video series, show which class will do best in a team battle. You can see in the video who reigns in the battle of witches vs warriors.

Rextroy is back to expand his 40 for 40 streak. After we were in BfA already 40 Hunters vs. 40 Druids and 40 Wizards vs. 40 Tanks And they were allowed to watch even more crazy videos, now there are 40 warriors and 40 magicians facing each other. Who will win this epic duel? Firing melee machines or DoT launchers? You can see the result in the video below.

These battles are usually fought in the Alterac Valley. Combine two full raids on both sides and score in a skirmish game in the Alterac Valley. In the center of the battlefield, the two groups meet to allow the body parts to fly after a short time of preparation. Unfortunately, WoW servers are designed for no more than 15v15 fights before they start lagging significantly.

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As it turns out, warriors have more problems with the lag that arises in these battles. In the top 5, magicians win 4:1. Because of the lag, the stun effect of infernal beasts was almost always active, because the stun was refreshed again after it ended.

The fiery aura of fellow witches also caused a lot of negative damage to the group of warriors. Only with a slightly wider formation could warriors get away with a few kills. This is what it looked like on the scoreboard at the end:

Round 1: Wizard 40 kills, Warriors 3 kills.
Round 2: Warlocks 39 kills, Warriors 16 kills.
Third round: 39 magicians were killed, 28 warriors were killed.
Round 4: Warlocks 40 kills, Warriors 10 kills.
Fifth round: Warlocks 40 kills, Warriors 8 kills.

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