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Mitt Frederiksen's victory in Denmark

Mitt Frederiksen’s victory in Denmark

The Social Democrat got the most votes. The possibility of her continuing to rule depends on the kingmaker Rasmussen.

Stockholm/Copenhagen. Denmark’s snap parliamentary elections on Tuesday were marked by great uncertainty. Nobody trusts the latest opinion polls either. Of the more than four million eligible voters, one million were still considering who to vote for. Polling stations closed at 8 pm.
Then exit polls produced at least a somewhat more reliable picture. Democratic Socialist Mitt FrederiksenWho has led a minority government for three years, is likely to be the first to receive the mandate to form a government from Queen Margaret II, according to opinion polls. According to post-election polls, the left-wing bloc led by Frederiksen appears to have won 85 seats, while the right-wing bloc has only 73. However, neither would have an absolute majority in the 179-seat Danish parliament.

Whether Frederiksen stays at the head of the government or whether her opponent Jacob Ellemann-Jensen of the bourgeois Fenster Party will stand a chance, according to opinion polls, depends on former Finster chief Lars Löck Rasmussen and his new party, the Moderates (17 states). The former prime minister now sees himself as a kingmaker in the middle between the left and right camps.

The complete collapse of the far-right Danish People’s Party is astonishing. In polls taken on Tuesday night, she was only 3 per cent close to the 2 per cent threshold for entering Parliament. Not so long ago, the xenophobic party garnered more than 20 percent of the country’s vote.

strict immigration policy

In the meantime, the immigration issue appears to have become a political shopper in election campaigns. Frederiksen had also pursued a far-right foreign policy as Prime Minister of the Social Democratic Party. Almost all parties in the kingdom are behind the path of a very strict immigration policy.

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