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Moderate ratings and few players

Moderate ratings and few players

The Fall of Babylon, the newest title from the Platinum Games, didn’t get off to the best start. On Steam, the action RPG had about 650 concurrent players at launch, and reviews on Metacritic are somewhat negative.

developers Platinum Games I certainly imagined it differently. Your latest title, “The Fall of Babylon,” seems to be less well known than expected. The new action RPG from developers Bayonetta and Nier: Automata has been available for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC since March 3, 2022.

The title does not perform well on Metacritic, despite the relatively few reviews. The PC version has a user score of 0.8. On consoles, the atmosphere feels a little better. User points are 1.9 for PS4 and 2.9 for PS5. This makes the game one of the lowest rated games for PlayStation 5 at the moment.

Limited to 650 concurrent players on Steam at release

The game from Platinum Games and Square Enix can’t win a flower pot on Steam either. The Fall of Babylon ratings are currently “Balanced”, based on current 131 reviews (as of March 6, 2022, 4pm). On the Valve platform, the title was only able to peak at around 650 concurrent players on its release day. By comparison, “Marvel’s Avengers,” also a Square Enix game, attracted around 28,000 concurrent players when it was released. Publisher set Game performance is still “disappointing”.

Players usually present various issues as the reason for the poor ratings of The Fall of Babylon, such as the graphics or character creation. As one user wrote, the game “looks like a bad PS2 port with microtransactions.”

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However, not everything about the fall of Babylon sounds bad. Some players praise the scenes and voice acting, while others highlight the gameplay and combat mechanics. Also, the release period does not appear to have been optimally selected. The movie “The Fall of Babylon” was released after the long-awaited titles “The Forbidden Horizon West” And the “Elden Ring”.

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