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The Aspiration System (Update 30) allows access to the contents of Crown Boxes

The Aspiration System (Update 30) allows access to the contents of Crown Boxes

With update 30 coming out in June 2021 for Sheikh Scrolls online (from 8,78€ in To buy), A new “aspiration system” is introduced. This system can be used to complete new daily and weekly tasks (aspirations) that generate various rewards such as gold or experience, in addition to awarding a new currency called “Seal of Ambition”. When logging in, you automatically get various daily and weekly quests in which you have to solve different tasks, for example, picking up items, complete quests, defeating enemies using class or weapon skills, selling items to vendors, crafting different types of items, defeating various Kinds of monsters, harvest resources and more.

Zenimax Online: “The number of daily or weekly ambitions you can complete will vary per day. Therefore, you should always keep an eye on what is the upper limit and which ambitions you wish to work on. This should give everyone regardless of playstyle a chance to earn the new currency without anyone having to Do activities that he may not enjoy. When you reach the daily or weekly limit of completed ambitions, the rest is deactivated. At the end of the day, daily aspirations reset and new ones become available. At the end of the week the same thing happens with weekly aspirations. ”

With Seals of Ambition, you will also be able to receive items that were previously only available in Crown Chests (Loot Chests). This includes various consumables, companions, cosmetics or rare top carriers.

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“For the first time in The Elder Scrolls Online, you can only purchase these highly desirable items through gameplay – and of course by finding them in the chests. Please note that you do not convert items from the Crown Squares that you obtain with the help of (…) Seal value varies. For individual items from Crown Crates, so depending on what you want to obtain, you may have to save if you are looking for a particularly rare item, you can collect seals and save them for as long as you like, and if you don’t like something, there is no limit to the number of seals you can keep for later Just like crowns and gems, Seals of Ambition are based on calculation, not a limited character.And the It lasts.

In addition, the developers have taken out the multi-weapon, muscular-bound Ruinach The Elder Scrolls Online: Blackwood Provided in more detail (on the site).

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