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More monsters and a new ending with update 3.0

Monster Hunter Rise: Gamers Positive Feedback on Steam

I recently celebrated a role-playing game Monster Hunter Rise (far 47,99€ in to buy) first appeared on PC. As is known, the Switch version has been available since March last year and was able to Test on Collect a golden prize. Many fans were more excited to see if the port was as good as the original – or maybe even better. In any case, the reviews presented so far speak positively.

On Steam, hit PC version reviews Monster Hunter Rise reached a “very positive” level a few days after release: 87 percent of the nearly 3,000 reviews given at the time the news was created were positive, while the smaller percentage was negative. Most users are very satisfied with the port, although it seems that in some places it can be seen that the original lies with the Switch. Here are some quotes from Steam reviews:

“Great port. Looks great and runs super smooth. Max loading time is 2 seconds for me.”

“Even better than Monster Hunter World. Highly recommended if you like previous Monster Hunter games.”

“No technical issues and absolute fun. 9/10 I wanted to make a German sound, but there are worse things.”

If you’re still not sure if Monster Hunter Rise suits your taste: a demo is also available on Steam. Capcom’s Action-Adventure for Switch was released on March 26, 2021, and the PC version has been available since January 12, 2022.