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More criticism of climate activists after the airport siege

Even two days after climate activists blockaded the German capital’s BER airport, the criticism continues. CDU leader Friedrich Merz described today’s participants as “criminals”.

“We must not underestimate such incidents,” Brandenburg Premier Dietmar Woedek (SPD) told the newspaper “Markisch Allgemeine Zeitung” (Saturday edition). And the rule of law must and will act – he gave no details.

Activists from the “Last Generation” group managed to reach the capital’s BER airport on Thursday and temporarily paralyze air traffic. Some commented on the tarmac. The Brandenburg State Criminal Police Office is investigating six activists for serious interference with air traffic, disruption of public services, trespassing and damage to property, among other things.

“cross the lines”

Woidke said the measure was maxed out at BER airport at the latest. Activists consciously accept putting people and facilities at risk in order to draw attention to themselves. This damages the important concern for climate protection.

According to CDU leader Merz, the measures have nothing to do with the right to demonstrate or freedom of expression. “These are the most serious crimes that distort the goal for which they are supposed to go to the airport,” he said at a party conference of the CDU in Berlin. The congregation, which has frequently blocked roads in recent times, is achieving the exact opposite of what it already claims it wants to achieve.

The release of 19 activists from police custody

Meanwhile, 19 activists who participated in tape recordings in Munich have been released from police custody in Bavaria. A spokesman for the Munich police headquarters said that one of them came to the conclusion that “the conditions for detention are no longer met, that is, no further criminal offenses are expected by detainees, at least not at the moment.”

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