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North Korean media: Xi wants to work with Kim for world peace

According to North Korean state media, Chinese President Xi Jinping wants to work with local ruler Kim Jong-un for world peace. The state-run Central News Agency reported today that in a letter to Kim, Xi indicated that Beijing is ready to work with Pyongyang for “peace, stability, development and prosperity in the region and the world.”

Xi went on to say that he is willing to cooperate with the North Korean leadership while “changing the world” and “history in unprecedented ways.” The Korean Central News Agency quotes Xi’s response to Kim’s congratulations to the Chinese leader on his third term as general secretary of the Communist Party.

North Korea has intensified its missile tests after joint military exercises between South Korea and the United States. Pyongyang recently launched an intercontinental ballistic missile. Members of the UN Security Council condemned Monday’s latest missile launch, but declined to make an official statement due to opposition from China and Russia.

The US government believes that the key to Pyongyang’s decline lies in China, its most important ally. According to a senior US official, Washington wants to ask Beijing to use its influence in the country.

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